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February 2009

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Hello out there, is anyone still around the community?

Is the community still active? I suppose that's a silly question since it's obvious that no one's posted for a while.

However, I found the community after doing a search on Mary Stewart. She was one of my favorite authors when I was a teenager. I decided I wanted to re-read some of her books, most particularly The Gabriel Hounds, The Moon-Spinners, and The Ivy Tree, and was shocked to find that neither the library or bookstore had any of them. The library said they might could borrow them from another library.

I have read her Merlin books also and liked them but still favor her mystery books.


If you're in the USA then your library should have a reciprocal lending program either within a geographic area or else with a larger city. For instance, the library in the town I grew up in was both a part of the "south suburban library system" and I could order books from a HUGE number of libraries around me, and also had a reciprocal deal with the Chicago public library. So even though my dad doesn't live in Chicago, he still has both a library card for his local library AND a Chicago library card which lets him use Chicago library resources. A lot of local libraries can also order books from local colleges/universities.

A lot of her stuff is for sale on amazon.com, half.com, alibris.com, abebooks.com, etc for pretty cheap if you don't mind buying things online. They also turn up at library book sales a lot.
I get most of my copies from alibris.com

Good prices, good quality. Had one mix up, but they fixed it fast.
I may try that if I can't find my own copies but meanwhile I'm hoping the library will borrow them for me.
That's what they said they would do and had me fill out cards for the books. They said they might get the books within a week or it could take longer. I might could find them at a larger bookstore in another city but I know I had two of them in paperback and want to look at my mother's forthem the next time I visit.